Vail Condo Ownership FAQs

Feel the Mountain Air Year-Round


What is the typical number of days purchased?
Eagle Point intervals are available in one-week increments, with Friday-to-Friday stays. You can purchase as many weeks as you wish. Many of our owners have purchased periods in both the winter and the summer.

Can I sell or rent my condominium or share?
You may rent or sell at any time you wish since you are an owner. Speak with a representative from Eagle Point for details about our on-site rental and resale programs.

Do I own the condominium for a defined number of years?
All interval sales are deeded with a Special Warranty Deed. It is part of your real estate holdings and can be willed or gifted to others.

What are my options if I cannot schedule my vacation during the week(s) that I purchased?
As an owner, you have four options. Through Eagle Point, you may put your Interval up for rental. Secondly, you have the opportunity to exchange your week through Interval International (II), which is affiliated with 3,500 properties in approximately 100 countries. This list is available online at You can use your week at Eagle Point by making a reservation up to one year in advance of the arrival date.  Lastly, you can make your condominium available to your friends and family.

Who is responsible for the management and maintenance of the suite or condominium?
A professional management company employed by your association shoulders this responsibility. Currently, Eagle Point’s management company is Welk Resort Group Hospitality Management Services. The cost of management and maintenance of the property are covered entirely by owners’ association assessments.

Interval International
Your Ownership offers flexibility and is hassle free. In addition to using your Condominium, you can use it to trade around the world with Interval  International (, you may make the Condominium available for rental, or you can give it as a gift to friends and family.